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What Patients Say

“I am a regular runner and gym attendee. Despite the necessity of being pummelled and pulled in all directions, Helen managed to relieve my posture problems and sports related injuries in a remarkably short time. Her sympathy to my ailments and her unfailing sense of humour was an added bonus as well! I would recommend her services to anyone.”
GF, Teddington

“Having been out of active sport for three years due to severe physical trauma, Helen has worked with me in a holistic manner to address all the muscle groups associated with the trauma. In addition, Helen has worked on improving my basic stability and core strength allowing me to get back on the road again. Helen's strengths are that she takes a holistic view of any issue presented and addresses the whole body and not just the symptoms presented. I whole-heartedly recommend Helen as a physiotherapist.”
Paul S.H, Park Run Time Trial King

“I've been seeing Helen an average of once a week and it’s largely her work which keeps me running.  During the time we've worked together, I've only had one major injury, and that was my own stupid fault - I was running around Bushy Park at dusk and put my foot down a rabbit hole, turning my right ankle hard. By the time I'd limped home, my ankle had a lump on it the size of a cricket ball. I iced like crazy for 3 days and went to see Helen once the inflammation was down. I was back running within 3 further days and competing again at cross country 2 weeks later. The work Helen and I do together has been key to my running 2:58:20 at the London Marathon aged 35 in 2005, and finishing 5th in the Surrey Cross Country championships aged 35 in January 2006.”
Clare, Surrey Champ

“Any serious athlete will need to maintain equilibrium with regard to posture management and flexibility. I have seen various professionals an Helen is the most knowledgeable and holistic, and in my opinion offers the best spinal and joint protection treatment and advice in the area.”
PG, Coach

“I was told I had knees like a 70 year old! Thanks to Helen I no longer hobble up the stairs in pain. Before going to Helen, I'd put up with the pain for a few years and given up the prospect of ever doing sport ever again. Finally I can act my age!”
Lisa Bacon (34) Journalist

“Helen's really good at diagnosing problems, often when I can't quite tell what's wrong. She keeps me running, that’s why I keep going back.
Graham, Surrey Road League Champion 2007

“Helen has an amazing understanding of the human body which enables her to make connections across various symptoms to then focus her treatment on the root cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms.”
Louise Watson

“Best physio ever.”
Andrew Lane

“Family service – following an initial referral by a running friend, my husband, daughter and I are having Helen’s special treatment to help us fix shoulder, knee and foot pains!”
Julie, Stragglers

“Helen keeps me in excellent running order!”
Martin, Teddington